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What Is a Prepaid Funeral?

A Prepaid funeral investing for a future loss to remove the financial and emotional worry and responsibility that unexpected funeral arrangements can bring. With funeral costs skyrocketing, prepaying for a funeral now is considered to be financially responsible.

Why Prepay Your Funeral?

The cost of a funeral over the last decade has outgrown inflation mainly due to the rising fees for doctors, crematoria, and clergy. Prepaying for your funeral allows you to invest using today's prices and avoid forcing your family to pay even more down the road.

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How the Cost of a Basic Funeral Adds Up

The cost of a basic funeral is calculated by adding together the funeral directors fees and disbursements, which includes the cremation or burial fee, doctor’s fees, and clergy/officiate fees.

Funeral director’s fees

Funeral director’s fees, which usually cover the cost of the coffin, hearse, collection and care of the deceased plus the funeral director’s professional guidance, make up the majority of the cost of a basic funeral. This cost has seen a rise of 1.8% over the past 12 months from £2,166 to £2,204.


Cremation and burial fees

The second largest cost is the cremation or burial fee. In 2016, the average UK cremation fee is £688 – a 4% increase on last year – while the cost of a burial has risen by slightly more – 4.4% to £1,822. The main reasons given by funeral directors for the rise in cremation and burial fees is ‘cuts to local authority budgets’; in order to make up for some of the austerity measures placed on them, many local authorities have removed subsidies for burial and increased crematoria fees.

Doctor’s fees

This year, doctor’s fees for certification have increased by 2.5% to £164; this is a rise of 19% over the past eight years.

Minister’s fees

The average fee paid for a religious or secular service has increased by 7.6% from £141 in 2015 to £152 in 2016. In the UK, only the Church of England has specified fees other religious institutions recommend a donation.